Accueil Enseigner Visual Management is a learning module of one…

Visual Management is a learning module of one…

par Pierre Mongin

– Visual Management is a learning module of one of the most important French MOOC gestion de projets using mind and concepts maps.
– This learning module is offered by Pierre Mongin, author of many books about mind and concept mapping, such as Organisez vos idées avec le mind mapping or Organisez vos projets avec le mind mapping and Managez avec le concept mapping, some of them translated in Japanese, Korean,Spanish, Vietnamiese, Italian. His website :
– The flow of informations increases twofold every 18 months. Whenever words and figures aren’t sufficient to communicate, maps are the best way to organize your project information system. Minds maps and concept maps allow you to collect, classify datas, communicate and share instant visual message in a blink, mixing words, images,colors, hyperlinks.

– At the end of this module, you’ll able to:
know-why and how visual management fits with our memory limits,
use Post-it(r) as if they were bricks used to lay out and organize your project information system (collect, classify,organize in Kanban,
use project model patterns
practise visual management using a simple paper sheet or a free software such as Cmaptools (available in several langagues).
– You can follow here the module, 9 videos on You tube (between 6′ to 8′)

“Words divide (people), images unify” Otto Neurath.

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